Exciting Disciplining going on at Castledaly Manor

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Castledaly Spring (2)Pray to Make a Difference Week 20-2016

“Then Jesus told His disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up,” Luke 18:1.

This is not that parable but . . . !

  1. was feeling a bit discouraged as she pulled weeds from the stone walls of Castledaly Manor. N. from Dublin and J. from Germany are currently doing the intern programme at Castledaly Manor with Nathan and Jenna. They are involved in ministry, prayer times, practical work around the property and learning theology.  But N’s heart was heavy thinking of her friend, L, who had trusted the Lord at the same time she had, had gone to church, Bible clubs and camps at the same time, and had even been helping in the youth ministry.  But L had turned her back on the Lord; she hadn’t even cared enough to come to N’s recent baptism.

As N thought, “Why am I even pulling these weeds,” a man from the group renting Castledaly for the weekend approached and said, “You may feel like pulling these weeds is a waste of time, but it is a ministry for the Lord.  Others thought that the woman pouring perfume on Jesus’ feet was a waste, but Jesus said it was a ministry to Him.”  This greatly encouraged N who renewed her prayers for L.

The next day L phoned to say she wanted to see N because she was tired of her life away from the Lord.  Down she came spending much time praying, talking, and turning her back on sin to face the Lord Jesus.  Genuine?  She’s told her parents (who aren’t believers—yet) that she wants to quit the job she’s in which prevents her from going to church or helping in ministry.  Amazingly they are fully supportive as they could she how unhappy she was not following the Lord.  They’ve even booked L’s younger brother into camp!  Praise God for His working!

And please keep praying and don’t give up!

  1. Pray for N and J to learn all they can in the intern programme and know the Lord’s leading for their lives.
  2. Pray for L as she’s trusting the Lord for her future.
  3. Pray for Nathan and Jenna as they pour their lives into the young people who are enrolling in the intern programme while they still carry on with the ministry of Castledaly and as Jenna teaches in secondary school.

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