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You can help us serve the Lord in Ireland by giving towards our support.  You can give online by clicking on the following link.
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You can also mail in gifts to:
201 Granite Run Drive, Suite 260
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Or In Canada
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It takes a lot more finances to serve in most oversea missions than it would in the USA.
This is for several reasons:
  • It costs a lot more to live overseas.
    1. Insurance costs
    2. Furlough costs of travel, flights, and more.
    3. Electric and Fuel costs are much higher (Gas costs about $6 a gallon)
    4. Exchange Rates
    5. Almost everything costs significantly more to purchase in Ireland than it does in the USA.
    6. We have discovered there are fees for many things we would never have to pay fees on in the USA.
  • We will have to raise both sides of social security/medicare (full 15.3%)
  • Overhead to mission board.